Homemade Poker Table

While I'm looking for a poker chips set for my home poker game on the net, I found some sites about homemade poker table. I was amazed by their creative design and love the idea of custom make poker table. I search for few more table plans and study their design and building steps, it's really didn't look too difficult to build and definitely look fun do build one.

Due to the small space available I decided to build a small 48" round table with race track. I manage to build it within a day and only cost me less than RM230 (~ US$60).

The finished table with my poker chips set

I start building on Chinese New Year eve, no special reason to choose a holiday eve to do it, but that is the day I finally gather all the building materials needed.

First of all the plan...I decided to build a 48" round table, which is small enough to fit in my dinning room (where I plan to play poker with my friends) and big enough for 5 to 6 players to play comfortably. Check out the plan below: -
(click on the picture to enlarge)

It is not easy for me to locate all the necessary materials as most of them can't be easily found at local supermarket. I get my light blue colored soft foam from a hardware store near my office, bought the soft rubber mat from a shoe maker and the rubber vinyl cloth from a furniture material supplier.

I bought 2 pieces of 4' x 8' x 3/4" plywood at RM45 (US$11.84) each at a local hardware store near my house, they provide free delivery. What I need is 3 pieces of 48" diameter circle, so I begin my cutting at 2pm: -

Select the board with best looking wood grin and cut the board (A) and (C) according the the plan: -

Stain the board (A), don't worry about the outer part as it will be cover by the outer ring later : -

While waiting for the board (A) to dry, I cut the outer ring board (B) :-

Now glue the center piece board (C) to the soft rubber foam with PVA Glue :-

Cut the extra : -

Now lets work with outer ring, glue the 1" thick soft foam :-

Wait a moment for the glue to dry and then cut the extra foam :-

Next, cut the rubber cloth and clip it to the outer ring :-

Can't wait to see how it look like when put it all together : -

Flip it over to screw together the outer 3 layer of plywoods : -

Then complete the outer ring rubber cloth : -

It is time to cover the poker table cloth on the center piece board (C) and cut the extra cloth : -

Ta ta! The complete table top put on my square wooden folding table, the folding legs will be use later to directly attach to the table top : -

Metal foldable leg attached : -

Finished Product!

With my poker chip set :-

Well, poker game anyone? This is just my first attempt and I know it is not perfect, maybe next year I will build another one, as for now lets play some poker!

by H.K. Mak
Date: 08-Feb-2005

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